Scam Casino

Our goal with this website is to educate you when it comes to online gambling. Therefore we have created this blog post where we give you some tips on how to spot an online Scam casino. 

 Warning Signs for a Casino Scam

Noteworthy is that this is only a few examples of how some casinos can behave online. It is not impossible that you will not run into a scam Casino. But below you can check a few key points that you should keep an eye on when signing up to a new Casino.


  • Casino bonuses that seem too good to be true. With the big competition on the market, the bonuses have had a big growth. But be aware there is sites where the bonuses are too good to be true and 9 out 10 times that is also the case.
  • Delayed Withdrawals. Some Casinos will have a delay in their withdrawals, this could happen for different reasons such as you might not be verified. But if you notice that it takes a lot of time to get your money out you might have run into a scam casino. 
  • Fake License. This is the kind of information that you might receive too late if you don’t pay attention. Some Casinos can lie to their customers right up in the face by putting in fake UK license logos on their casino website. This is lying bastards and you should never deposit money here. 
  • Terrible Support. This goes pretty much hand in hand with bad Casinos. With a support that doesn’t respond in time, avoiding different questions or will reply back with a rude message, it is pretty clear that you have come to a scam casino. 

Gambling Scam

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