Welcome to our page where we will talk about the available Online Casino USA. The online gambling market is starting to open up more and more for each month. We have seen a big increase in sports betting in New Jersey lately. This is very positive for the online gambling community. Furthermore, on this page, we will share with you the best Online betting brands that allow US players at their Casino and Sports-books.  

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Casino USA

When looking for Casino in the USA we can’t seem to find that many different legible casinos. We have found 8 different brands that fit into our own key points of being a good trustworthy casino. How do we measure it? First of all, we take a look on who the owners are, this is a pretty easy but safe step in making sure there is a big casino owner and not a small one, the bigger the owner the fewer chances of signing up to a fraud Casino. Furthermore, we look into the license. It is very important that the Casino that you choose has a valid New Jersey license if they don’t have it you might be playing in an illegal online casino.


Huge Wagers

Most noteworthy might be that during 2017 the state Garden took on wagers over 245 million dollars and this was an increase of 25 % from the year before. During 2018 we can proudly say that Online poker and sports betting have had wagers over 722 million dollars and we expect to reach 1 billion in wagers. This is, of course, the insane amount of money being wager in the online gambling world. available 


Licensed Casinos

Furthermore, there is a few Casino USA that has the correct license below you can check them out!

These are regular land based Casinos but they all have applied for the gambling license that will give them the opportunity to operate online as well. This means that a legal Online Casino in the state of New Jersey needs to be owned by a land based Casino. Furthermore, this might sound a bit difficult if we take a look at the license system from the outside. If we dig deeper we can see that the system is actually very simple. Every Land Based casino can apply for the Online Casino License, however this license is not very cheap, it comes at a price of around 10 million Us Dollars to apply for, if we take this in consideration now that Sweden is becoming a licensed gambling market where the Casino license only cost 200 000 us dollars but keep in mind that Sweden has the same amount of population as New Jersey has. Noteworthy is that Sweden has never been a licensed gambling market, it has always been illegal to gamble online in Sweden.